AERO Magazine

The biggest aviation magazine in Brazil and Latin America

AERO Magazine is the leading aviation magazine and has been recognized along 24 years as the most qualified and awarded in the publishing market. The magazine is the main vehicle for advertisers in the industry and the most important source of information for aircraft owners and pilots.

AERO Magazine brings to the reader launches and news of the aeronautical market, guidelines for the purchase and maintenance of aircraft, evaluation of airports and airport infrastructure, technical articles, historical reports and special coverage of the main national and international fairs (NBAA, Labace, EAB, Le Bourget, Fidae, Oshkosh, among others).

We elaborates in-depth articles on Executive, Commercial, Military and Experimental Aviation, in addition to maintenance and cargo. The magazine’s flagship is FLIGHT TESTS, pages that bring a thorough technical assessment of aircraft, tested and photographed by a selected team of experts on the subject.

For 24 years, the AERO Magazine crew has delivered first-hand flight tests of executive jets, turboprops, piston planes and helicopters, always with spectacular images.

Other recurring editorial subjects are airport infrastructure, air traffic control, piloting, avionics, flight safety, new technologies, aircraft purchase tips, commercial aviation flight checks, as well as full articles on aviation history.


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